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Level 2 support can't read.

Really ****** off with BT now.

BT india can only go so far with there things, but Level 2 support is just a joke.
Ive said multiple times to ring my mobile as its difficult to get hold of me on the landline.

What do they do? Ring the landline.
They say they will ring back in 30 mins but they never do.


BT india has appolagised but its not really enough and has made notes on the thing to ring my mobile by 5PM tomorrow. but if they do not I will not be happy and will really consider just terminating broadband with BT and transfering my phone line to the post office and will not pay the termination fees as my contract does not expire until april 2013.


THen get a new phone line and broadband with SKY since they seem to actually have customer service when I have problems with there TV service.

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Re: Level 2 support can't read.

what problem are you having?

do remember that regardless of which supplier you go to it will be openreach supplying and maintaining the line also BT will still charge the cancellation fee and if needed will put it in the hands of debt collectors and that will cost you more i am sure with more detail the mods can resolve your problem for you
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