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Lies and Delays

Hi, I have been trying to get my property (new build) set up and ready for FTTP broadband via Openreach and BT ever since the 19th of January but without much progress.. after firstly trying to get an order placed it was successful the order was placed but then after 3 days comes the message the order has failed because of an exchange issue.. Okay fine phoned BT, got told that it was cancelled because there was an issue... That's it got charged £70 for activation and phoned again got it sorted got a cheque of£70.. then we have been told that since this property is new it is FTTP not FTTC. And that was the last message on that account.. After waiting around for more than 1 month to get any update I thought to myself yea there is something definitely wrong

so i phoned in again but this time asking for the Openreach fibre to the premises team, got transferred was told that my property is not ready for service because i need a modem to be installed okay then try someone to install it, this was on the 19th of march, so yes i have been told to contact my developer as they are the ones responsible of these installations, fine got in touch with the developer developer said that no they don't know anything about this and they do not have anything to do with openreach, fine...

After quite a few phone calls and days passing by on the 4th of April I got the Openreach member to come out and install it and it got installed within a few minutes.. Yes after a few minutes it was done waited more than a month for a work of less than 5 minutes.. Great.. after that the member told me that when the green light stops flickering i can place an order, so after half an hour the light stood solid so i called BT told the story (been told that i can place an order after the light goes solid) but ho ho was he wrong the agent told me that it's not this fast and it takes up to 48hrs to be ready for service i was like okay that's fine i can wait till then.

2 days pass phoned BT and oh how surprising got told that they are waiting on Openreach to finish the last checks a.k.a is still in the commissioning phase.. fine another day or two won't hurt..

Phoned in the next day to see if there was any change but no.. The usual "your property is not ready for service yet" this was on the 6th of April. Fine another day wasted. But this time i have been told to wait till Monday. But i got a message to accompany all of this stating that the property will be ready for service on the 12th of April..

Waited till Monday and phoned again got transferred to the FTTP team, told the story of everything until now and the lady told me the usual not ready..etc etc.. and she promised to call me back the next day morning with an update. Okay took the opportunity and said that's good thanks.

But the next day comes 10th nothing no phone calls no sms, so i phoned in they told me no they don't know about them needing to call me... Okay for a bit angry because of her lies.. and since i was already taking with them i asked again can i place an order? Answer stays the same no. Not ready yet kept on insisting that Openreach still needs to inform them about checks....

11th of April comes i phone in get the same answer not ready.. Fine i had enough called the Openreach guys who installed my hub and oh how interesting he told me that all the works that were needed to be done were completed on the 4TH OF APRIL! And he sent all the data to BT the same day. But as i said BT was still waiting and is still waiting for Openreach.

12th of April comes happily i phone in transferred, story..etc etc. But not surprisingly the property was still not ready for service.. And been advised to wait another day and call then...

13th of April i call to through the process ask for an order to be placed and nothing this was at 10am got advised to wait and they will message or call this day about an update and then i will be able to place an order. Waited, and waited and waited time reaches 11pm nothing no calls no messages.

And every time i ask a question via sms i get this:

Hello it's BT here. Unfortunately your property is still not ready for us to give you fibre broadband. We have raised this with Openreach again today and hope to have a response soon. We will contact you again as soon as we have a meaningful update or more information for you. Thanks.
Which really is annoying me because i have not received any calls ever or messages with updates that actually progress my case further.

I am really disgusted by how BT is treating customers like they have time like it's nothing, i have been waiting for broadband or just to place an order for almost 3 months now and i didn't achieve anything stuck with the same not ready for service yet, although when checking online in the same building the are 2 flats that are already available to place an order for... So it's interesting. But when i asked about this on phone i was just rejected with a oh that's not how it works. And every time something comes up BT points at Openreach that they need to do something but when i speak with openreach they tell me BT must have something to do with it...

As i don't have any source of internet just mobile data and the coverage in this area is bad i would be relying on fibre but i don't see this happening anytime this month or the month after. As i would need internet for work and basic everyday tasks this is really something i can't not have. I can provide further details of messages pasted from my mobile raw and unedited. I just want my case to progress and finally be done with all the calling and lies and being tossed around.

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Re: Lies and Delays

Unfortunatley the forum cannot help with your FTTP problem as BT channel all FTTP enquiries/problems to the FTTP team on 08005874787

your post does not go to BT 

As it is openreach who install FTTP it will be the same problems whichever ISP you try - and only a small number actually sell FTTP

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Re: Lies and Delays

Hi, thank you for the reply since i tried complaining through BT's complaint form and via phone i didn't really had any other choice than to complain where people can see it, as i am not using any social media that goes out of the question, i have been trying to get through to them but it seems like it was totally pointless, although thank you for the advice and I understand that BT doesn't personally deal with community posts but in my opinion it was worth a try.

As for how it is progressing Openreach told me that everything was done, so i don't really know what's the hold up, as i only get the "your property is not ready for service yet" and that's it.
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Re: Lies and Delays

Hi, i just spoke to the FTTP team again and it seems like they are waiting for an update from Openreach about some external works and the for the reason why it is still delayed as i have solid green lights for quite a while now.
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Re: Lies and Delays

Hi, i don't even know anymore... This is ridiculous in this flat i have raised that i want broadband on the 19th of January as you know but as of today I but only I cannot place an order the other flats in the same building can, its only my flat.. This is discrimination. Some flats were not even sold when i came to this property how come they can get broadband but I can't........
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