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Line Cord error

getting the Line error code message since this morning. Broadband is also very sketchy today, on and off alot (more than usual). Have had an online chat with BT and they have arranged for an engineer for tomorrow evening. I will check with a different phone tonight/tomorrow morning when i get hold of it. 

When i first signed up i mentioned that the line into the house was the same one that was here since GPO days (it's my father's house) and that the last time anything was done was a new socket 40 years ago. They said that would be no problem. i asked if an engineer could just have a look when they came to connect my father but he didn't knock and just did what he had to do outside.

Reading other posts about similar issues some mention that the old 'fixtures and fittings' may have a bearing, though quite why it happened so suddenly is still a mystery. To be honest, he's out of contract, rolling month by month, and would happily switch provider as the bills have gone up considerably. I could just switch and ask them to deal with it as part of the installation. Just wondered if anyone had any 'quick fix' for the phone (and broadband) issue.

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Re: Line Cord error

if you change ISP and are an existing broadband user then there is not normally and engineer visit required so you would still have to report a fault

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