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Line Installation Nightmare

I am at a loss as to what I have to do to get a phone line installed in my new house - I will keep this as brief as I can but it is a long, seemingly never-ending, story:


I moved into a brand new house and made an appointment for an Engineer to install a line for me on August 10th, AM.  No-one turned up, so I called 'Customer Service', if you can call it that, to enquire as to why no-one had arrived - I was told that the line was actually installed on August 6th?!?! but as it was not working there must be a fault on it.  I was transferred to the Faults Dept, well actually I was cut off so called them myself, they checked that there was a fault, I advised that I would be in on Aug 13th so that would be the best day for an Engineer to visit - arrived home on August 12th to find a 'Sorry we missed you' card from Open Reach.  Called Customer Service again, was told a Supervisor would look into the problem and call me back - noone called me.  Called again on the morning of 13th - someone said they would look into my problem and call me back - this time they did but advised they could not now get an Engineer out to me until September 3rd 3 weeks away, I disputed this but was told nothing could be done.  August 18th - received a Bill for the installation and line rental for a line that doesn't exist!  September 3rd, my parents kindly house-sat for me and did a 35 mile round trip to do this - no Engineer turned up again.  Called Customer Service, was told they had no record of my appointment - despite me having an email with the appointment confirmed in writing. Was told a Manager would call me back; having no faith that they would I called again - was told my appointment was on the system and the person I was speaking to would check this with the Engineers whilst I was on hold - 15 minutes later I was through to another department who knew nothing about who I was or what the problem was – at this point I gave up and ended the call.  On Sep 4th I travelled to my parents house and sent another email of complaint.  On Monday 6th I received a text message advising that the ‘Fault’ would be fixed by 17.00 on September 9th, so I called to see if I could be advised of a more specific date and approx time so I could arrange for someone to be at my house – I was told that I did not need to arrange this as the fault was outside of the property and the Engineer would not need to get in.  I was then called on September 8th to advise that the Engineer had visited but could not do anything as they needed to get in.  I was advised that they could rearrange another appointment for me for Saturday Sep 11th, despite being told previously Saturday appointments were not available.  A few hours later I received an email apologising for the problems I had encountered and confirming my service was working, to which I replied straight away advising that it definitely wasn’t and I received a Voice mail n September 9th to follow up this email confirming the service was working.  Saturday September 11th arrived and yet again no Engineer turned up between 8.00 and 13.00.  I then received a call around 1.15 from Tammy in response to my email – I advised that yet again no Engineer had turned up.  She apologised for this, confirmed the appointment was on the system and said she would get back to me.  Ten minutes later she called back to say she was unable to help further as my problems actually lie with the ‘Provisions’ department, not Faults where she works, and that she would forward my email to Provisions for response but could not say how long this would take.  She said she would also reply to my email confirming the actions taken, two days later I have not received this or a response from Provisions. 


So, 5 weeks on from my original appointment, having lost count of how much it has cost me in calls from my mobile and having spent who knows how much time during breaks at work, staying late after work and travelling to my parents to use the Internet to email you, not to mention using my annual leave for appointments where noone turned up, I still have no telephone line, no idea when I will have and no idea where to go from here and am desperate to get this sorted as I have an online exam I need to partake in in 2 weeks time?!



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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Line Installation Nightmare

Hi GemG,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.  I am so sorry to hear of the problems that you have had.  I can certainly help you with this.


Can you please drop me an email to the address in my profile, include your BT account details and any fault reference number that BT may have provided you and also the link to this post.  Once I have your details I will see what the hold up is.




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