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Line Saver Rental and BT Broadband - Help!



On Dec 17 2010 I signed up for another year of BT Broadband and also opted for the BT Line Saver Rental option for my landline.  I paid £120.00 for this in a one of payment.  I was offered the BT Broadband option 3 for £9.99 a month.


It was explained to me that I would not be charged any line rental for the next 12 months, and that all I would be charged for monthly, via DD, would be my broadband @ £9.99 plus any chargeable calls. 


However, what is happening is that on my monthly bill, I have a credit of £120, which is being netted off each month with my broadband charge of £9.99 and any chargeable calls I have made.


As at February, this credit is now reduced to about £105 - which is the £120 credit less the broadband charge for 2 months plus/minus any billing adjustments made when I signed up for another year.  I have not been charged any monthly charges for anything at all since I signed up for all this on 17th Dec 2011.


This is clearly wrong.  The line saver rental credit relates to the line rental, and is nothing what so ever to do with the broadband - so why is this being netted off against it?


What will happen when this credit is used up? At the current rate, this will be in about 10 months time (assuming approx £10 charge a month - don't make many chargeable calls.)


Does this mean that in 10 month time, when I have no credit left, I will have to pay line rental (approx 2 months before the 1 year line rental saver expires?)


I have tried, in vein, to speak to India about this but cannot get anywhere.


Can someone advise what on earth is going on?






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Re: Line Saver Rental and BT Broadband - Help!

the credit you would have had is seperate to the line rental saver (whiich was paid off by a card on your call). The credit would be to get the bb down to the 9.99 equivalient (as far as I know).

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Re: Line Saver Rental and BT Broadband - Help!

BT never seem to do the same thing twice

my broadband discount is simply shown on the bill as a monthly discount to reach the agreed sum no mention of credit

at all I have not paid the rental saver in advance so maybe it is the rental advance


BT moves in mysterious ways its magic to perform

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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