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Line “buzzing”

Hi all.

I’ve  just replaced my cordless twin phone system. I had terrible interference on the old one. Yesterday I spoke to BT and the chap said the line test was ok. Did I have a micro filter fitted. I have the double master socket and I didn’t think you needed one on this type of socket.

He said I needed to fit it and it would get rid of the noise.

I fitted it - no surprise - it didn’t get rid of the noise.

I checked out the guides and it definitely said I didn’t need one. I’ve removed it!

I’ve now tried to use the quiet line test. When I selected option 2 the buzzing was really loud but then I noticed it asks you to mute your phone and, obviously, it then went “quiet”.

So my question is:-

Is there some problem in my side of the wiring or is it a line fault. I can’t understand why it tells you to mute the phone whilst doing the check.

I really can’t afford to take the chance of being charged £85!

Any advice gratefully accepted.



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Re: Line “buzzing”

try using the test socket and if you still get the buzzing noise then problem should be outside home and openreach problem  you need to report phone fault to 151 or 0800800151 from mobile

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Re: Line “buzzing”

A Buzzing Noise is usually caused by an Earth Contact, i.e. Something causing your line to Earth.

Earth Contact Faults could literally occur anywhere in the Network right up to your wiring beyond the NTE.

Its probably tested OK because the BT Line Test Facility works on the SIN349 Parameters. Pretty sure the threshold for Insulation Resistance AE and BE is 125 Kohms, which is really an Earth Contact.

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Re: Line “buzzing”

Have you tried plugging the phone into the test socket behind the master socket face plate? Do you get the same buzzing if you do that?
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Re: Line “buzzing”

Thanks for reply.

I’ve tried all the things they recommend and BT have now said there is definitely an intermittent fault on the line so they’ve booked an engineer for next week.

Thanks again.

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