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Line fault - echo

Been having this problem for awhile now BT engineers seem unable to find a fault.

I'm using a fritzbox 7490 for my phone & VDSL it's essentially a pbx for home users. Been working fine since December when our vdsl went live. This week I now get a horrible echo on the line.

If I plug direct into the socket no echo, go back to via the fritzbox and it echos.

Avm say this is a line fault with the following:

Hear the call connected to an analog landline echo, the signal delay in this connection is unusually high. The delay results in such a strong echo that integrated in the FRITZ! Box echo canceling the echo can no longer suppress.

The signal delays are increasing again when the phone is connected to a PBX (eg FRITZ! Box). As a result, the echo in some cases becomes so strong that neither FRITZ! Box phone still will be able to completely eliminate the echo.
Therefore, it is possible that the echo can be heard only when the phone is connected to the FRITZ! Box is connected and not when it is used directly on the landline.

I've tried a new Fritzbox, new cordless phone etc and it still echoes all the time.

Short of raising another fault when another engineer will come & declare there's nothing wrong with it does anyone have any advice?

We were shifted onto another pair a month ago as the line was so noisy (they swapped us with a neighbour, who then reported the same fault and they had to come out again).

Tbh if it wasn't for the fact I'm paying for a line I'd use voip & not use the landline as it's completely unusable using the fritzbox.
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Re: Line fault - echo

You cannot have VDSL or ADSL without paying line rental, it's up to you to plug a phone in and use telephony ,or not.
who is your ISP ? your problem may be getting anyone to look at this is any depth,presumably the line works ok for telephony when a regular phone plugged into the test socket, so OR are supplying what they are contracted to supply, and your ISP may well say as you are not using their router they won't support problems on a router you chose to use supplied by someone else, I would be careful using the fault system with OR to get this looked at as the potential for getting charged is high, as if OR visit and give the line a clean bill of health , often a fault closed as ' right when tested' a visit charge follows
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Re: Line fault - echo

I know I can't not pay line rental that was my point is stop using it for calls and use voip because it's unusable but if you're paying for something you want to be able to use it, right?

BT is provider provider for both. Broadband is fine & not relevant. The point is really it is being used as a normal phone line all the fritzbox does is replace you normal dect Base with one integrated into the router that aside it's as a normal phone.

It's worked fine until recently there's obviously something seriously wrong in the village as engineers are saying dozens of lines affected by humming which is really loud.

Yes I know what you mean regarding OR charging. I know what I'm doing with this stuff. The line definitely isn't right but I think it's really tricky to deal with.

If the line was ok for a corded phone but ANY cordless phone didn't work would the line still be acceptable? It's difficult which was why I was posting in here if anyone had advice.
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Re: Line fault - echo

There are many settings within the fritz box that can cause echos. I have a linksys adaptor that is a similar device and there is an actual menu that mentions echo with settings from 1 to 10 that can be changed.
There are many forums on the net dedicated to the fritz box that may help. very unlikely to be a line fault.
I suspect every time an engineer attends and can't find a fault you will be charged an abortive visit.
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