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Line installation query



When I bought my BT package months and months ago, I had to buy it online so that I got the BT rewards card with the agreement. When buying the package online, it asked for my current landline number, and as I did not know my current landline number, I put that I would need a new one installing. I rang BT up to explain that I did not need a new line installation, and that they should simply take over the line, but that I would be ticking the box to indicate I did need a new install, as I wanted to apply online for the BT rewards card, but didn't know my landline number, and that my current ISP was EE. After speaking with them, they confirmed that I would not have to pay a installation fee.


However, when the engineer came to take over the line, I was charged for the full installation of a new line, and when I rang up customer service a while back, they said there was no possibility of a refund for this.

I spoke to my friend who works at plusnet, who explained to me that BT, EE and plusnet are all basically sister companies, and that because my previous ISP was with EE, that BT could and should simply take over the line without a need for the fee. Is there any chance that I may be refunded the installation fee sum, provided I show proof of the installation line from EE? I feel like I have been caught in BT's miscommunications and suffered because of it.

Many thanks, Matthew.

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Re: Line installation query

Hi @chasilarx and thanks for posting.


Was there a dial tone on the line when you moved in? If it had been fully disconnected then an installation charge would apply as the engineer would need to reconnect it. I can check if the charge is correct. Can you please drop me over an email with your details? You'll get the contact the moderators link in my profile.





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