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Line saver loss of paper free discount

Am happy to get a discount on my line rental by paying up front but cannot understand why I have to loose the paperfree billing discount. I will still be getting a bill for calls so are BT now going to post this out to me? Seems rather senseless

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Re: Line saver loss of paper free discount

I too took up this line saver offer. And had selected paper free billing. Mainly because the posties round these parts can't read and put my mail in other peoples letterboxes. Smiley MadWith similar addresses.


I suspect you will continue to be paper free.

I also suspect this (removal of unconnected discount) is a ruse by BT to reduce the actual  discount so they can continue to advertise a discount of Y when it is really X. X being less than Y of course.


By the way I noticed (eventually) that my last phone bill was not collected by direct debit and was told by BT this was because the upfront line saver payment exceeded my phone bill.


This caused me a problem trying to reconcile my bank balance with some financial software on my PC.

Weird or what?


Hope this is constructive.

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