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Re: Line takeover

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Hi @oliverps1 

I'm dropping by the clarify the process to resolve your line fault.

I'm sorry to see that your services currently aren't working.  As explained by everyone on here, you aren't going to get the advice or support you need on this Community.  This Community is for BT Consumer customers.

To resolve the fault and get your services up and running again, you need to contact your service provider directly.  This is who you pay for your line and broadband.  Your service provider will then contact Openreach on your behalf to send an engineer to fix the fault.  This is the same process that we would use for BT Consumer customers.  As you are not a BT Consumer customer you must contact your ISP.

As this has been explained on a few occasions, there is no further value keeping this conversation open.  I have taken the decision to lock this thread on the basis of the question being answered, in full.

All the best,


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