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Linksys routers crash whilst on BT Broadband



I hope someone can assist. I have BT broadband and uses my own Linksys X3500 router. All has been working well, except that the router crashes occasionally when downloading or have downloaded large files for a short period of time. So let say if I download files from my online storage for 4 hours (I only have 3-4Mbps for some reason!!!) for about 2 evening, the router would crash.


Since the problem first started, I have been monitoring the data packets going in and out of the PC and the router, but I haven't managed to pick up the reason for this.


This is the second Linksys router and second model of Linksys router. I have checked that the settings are correct. Currently the firewall is switched on and MTU is set to 1458.


Has anyone experienced the same issue?



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