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Lip sync on going issues

Hi all,

So I have a lip sync issue on every channel,But only when set to surround sound ,in stereo it's fine.  So if I put channel 5 hd on the BT box it's out of sync , but that same feed then from the BT box to the TV aerial port on pass through is absolutely fine . It is very annoying, I can watch Netflix and everything else natively on the TV fine the Xbox fine. So it's something the box is doing and it's driving me mad. I tend to watch Freeview on the TV or Btsport on BT sport app natively  on the TV to avoid it.


Any help appreciated


Thanks Paul

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Re: Lip sync on going issues



Try going to settings on the Youview STB.  Select Picture and Sound and in there is an option to offset the sound.  I have never used that option, but it may help. 

Also if you have a sound system, there may be a setting there to offset.  

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Re: Lip sync on going issues

If you need a different audio delay depending on sound format, channel (HD or SD) or online service (eg Netflix) then I think the best you can do is compromise on what nearly works for most of what you watch.

One thing about watching sport with an off-camera commentary is that lip sync is not a problem at all.
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Re: Lip sync on going issues


Thanks I'll,

just have to leave it in stereo rather than surround sound, bit of a shame as I have an atmos sound system but it's only sports 4k sports that have it I guess. The delay in settings doesn't help it gets worse and all other inputs are fine , even the same Freeview feed that the BT box gets. 

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Re: Lip sync on going issues

You should have less of a problem with HDMI ARC connection rather than optical.

take it from the tv instead of the bt box might be an option.


surround on the bt box is pass through for Dolby on my Bose SoundTouch 300

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Re: Lip sync on going issues

I have the same issue.

Stereo is fine, surround is out of sync.

The normal sound delay options are no use because the offset is the wrong way - there is a significant delay with it set to 0ms; adding delay just makes it worse. Needs negative delay!

I did not have this issue with my old 1080p TV but it’s appeared with a new 4K one. 

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Re: Lip sync on going issues

Yep I have exactly the same issue I’m using arc from the TV to my Sonos beam only lip sync issue is my bt box in surround sound mode native apps and my Apple TV 4K is fine 


I suspect it’s the processing lag from the box on sending sound out to arc 

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Re: Lip sync on going issues

It’s associated with the output video quality. 

On UHD 10 bit and surround the sound has a delay

On UHD 10 bit and stereo it’s fine

On UHD 8 bit and surround the sound has a delay but it is much reduced and just about livable with

On UHD 8 bit and stereo it’s fine.

i think the poster above is correct that it’s the box struggling to process the data.

The “delay” setting are no help as the default is that there is a delay - adding more doesn’t help!




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Re: Lip sync on going issues

It bugs me so much , I tend to watch things on terrestrial now instead of the bt box I'm wasting my money on it. Especially as there is no rugby and TBF if there was I could watch it through the sport app on the tv. My contracts up in a few months and if there is a deal on sky I might take it. This vision box is not fit for purpose freezes as well .

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Re: Lip sync on going issues

Edited. Is your sound output device linked via an optical link ?

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