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List of emails.

Logon to webmail. Select the Inbox. List of emails is displayed.

Try to scroll and suddenly the scroll bar starts to shrink. It continues to shrink indicting that there are loads of 'pages' of emails hidden from view.

Is there a setting so that I can stop this?



If I select to mark 'all', so I can perform another action on 'all', then you would expect it to mark 'all'.

However, this does not occur. It only marks an unknown quantity. Perhaps it is a page ? But as no pages are displayed this is impossible to use.


I've not used webmail for a while as new changes made it unuseable and non intuitive.

I would like to see how many pages there are, be able to set number of emails per page  and be able to select them.

All advice will be welcome.

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Distinguished Guru
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Re: List of emails.

Frankly, almost all I've read about BT Mail webmail make me glad that I've always used an email client (Thunderbird, but there are others at the same price of zero) and I would advise anyone to do the same unless they have particular reason to opt for webmail. The vast majority of the issues reported here can be cicumvented at a stroke. 

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