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Local Access Only


For the last couple of weeks, i've had to use the ethernet cable to connect to the internet. When I attempt to connect wirelessly I get only local access. I am on a compaq laptop, and this morning my boyfriends mac (which usually connects without a problem) will not connect wirelessly or through the ethernet cable. 


If it helps IPV4 and IPV6 connectivity is 'Limited' when I attempt to connect wirelessly. 


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for your time, Danielle

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Re: Local Access Only

Hi Danielle and welcome


Assuming you're using a BT home hub 2 or 3, you could try this....

(note - Any hub phone contacts (hub 2 only) may be lost and any user changed settings will be erased)


Disconnect and turn off all PC's/Laptops


On the rear of the hub you'll see a little red button marked reset


Press this button with a paper clip or similar for about 3 seconds


Allow the hub to reboot and then switch each device on, one at a time and try to establish a connection


Do they now connect?



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