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Local Exchange is FTTC/FTTP enabled but cant order :(

Ive been waiting for 2 years to get FTTC, my local exchange is finally accepting orders for FTTC and FTTP. However when i go to order fibre with BT it tells me that its not available, therefore i assume my local cabinet has not been upgraded. How do i find out, if and when my cabinet will be upgraded? and is there a way as a business to pay for FTTC or FTTP to be installed? my current broadband speed is pathetic and trying to run a web business with a poor internet connection is frustrating to say the least.


My postcode is S25 4EW and apparently im on cabinet P12 if that helps.


Thanks for any help or advice.

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Re: Local Exchange is FTTC/FTTP enabled but cant order :(

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Just because an exchange is fibre enabled does not necessary mean that your PCP (cab) has been enabled, these are done in phases, your PCP may be 1st or even last.

Have you checked the infinity website to see if it available on your line? check HERE//

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