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Re: BT Login.

As identified on several other threads that nobody bothers to read before posting.

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Re: BT Login.

There is another thread where it was said that the problem is related to Mcafee Webadvisor. Try disabling it. 

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Re: BT Login.


It's Saturday, would you like a cuppa? 

Kind Regards
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Re: Logging in to email problems

Firefox Browser not compatible with BT login.

This is a problem with the Firefox bower being compatible with the BT mail server, Edge works OK. Firefox hasn't been updated, but access to BT and BT email logins fail. Mcafee Web advisor disabled but in my case the fault still exists. 

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Re: Logging in to email problems

Good morning everyone

Tried to log in this morning with the Mcafee web advisor enabled and it would not let me in, disabled the web advisor and it did - its the same as yesterday so yes problem with Mcafee web advisor but only on the log in page - wish they would get this sorted.

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Re: Logging in to email problems

Does anyone know why the mcafee web advisor would have disappeared off my disabled list, when I logged in this morning I went in to enable it and try to log in (to see if it worked that way) and it wasn't there to do this - had to go in and download it again and then add it - had to disable it again as couldn't log in but have looked and it is still in the disabled list?  does that mean I am going to have to download it every time I turn on my machine (I thought it would have stayed in the disabled list) rather confusing...

Many thanks

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Re: Logging in to email problems

Could I also say I am still with BT yahoo mail and not BT mail - don't know if that makes any difference?

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Re: Logging in to email problems


Tried again last night, logged in ok. Didn't change anything, used firefox, Mcafee still turned on.

Tried again this morning, back to the same problem, can login on laptop, but not on 2 desktop pcs.

I use firefox on all 3 devices with mcafee so not sure why it works ok on laptop but not on 2 desktop pcs

On the desktop pc I tried swtiching off mcafee but using firefox, didn't work.

Tried using google chrome, but mcafee switched on, worked.


It seems BT do not monitor these boards, their silence is deafening.



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Re: Logging in to email problems

Thanks for the tip. I had many unsuccessful attempts to log in to my emails using Firefox and was not getting anywhere with trying to reset my password (even though I knew t was correct) as BT only directed me to my BT ID and account rather than my email address. I had not thought that it might be the browser and was getting really worried and frustrated. So following your advice I tried logging in to email using Internet Explorer on my Windows 8.1 laptop and it worked! Many thanks. 😁

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Re: Logging in to email problems

Login using Firefox on my win10 desktop works ok if WebAdvisor is disabled.

Login using Chrome works with WebAdvisor on.

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