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Logging on to my emails

When i try to log on to my Yahoo emails from I find that my password is not recognised and that after several tries am asked to wait  for 15 minutes before trying again.

If I then go to Google and search for Yahoo, I can click on the Sign in to Yahoo link and immediately access my emails without further logging in.

There also have been times when I have been told that there is difficulty in accessing my account, but again using this alternative I have no problem.

What is happening and why is my access being messed up?

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Re: Logging on to my emails

There are on going problems for some people as a result of the on going migration of BTYahoo email to BTMail. The only advice seems to be use the link that works for you. Hopefully it will all be sorted out fairly soon.

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Re: Logging on to my emails

@verycrossoldman wrote:

When i try to log on to my Yahoo emails from I find that my password is not recognised ........

Do you have a password for the BT group pages (Broadband, MyBT, Usage monitor, Bills etc) that is different from your BTYahoo email login page? I do and have had for a long time.


If so ensure that you use the BTyahoo email login password, even though you are on a BT page and above the box it reads "BT ID or email address" - I imagine many might feel that login needs the BT site password - I did the first time I used that login page!


And of course BT shouldn't be saying "BT ID" because the BT ID doesn't work for BTYahoo/Yahoo email - it is just for BT group pages.

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Re: Logging on to my emails

I am just surmising, but I imagine that in due course, when all customers are safely migrated from Yahoo they will be able to use either BT ID or email address because both will be linked within the BT system (albeit with Critical Path managing emails). And my guess is that new customers who have never had a BTYahoo association might well be able to use the BT ID as well as their email address.


But for now very cross older customers who have had to put up with Yahoo have to put up with them a bit longer, and wait patiently through the inevitable (?) teething troubles. I myself would have a bit more patience with BT if they levelled with us, and even communicated. Alll the messy email trouble yesterday (Monday) was very frustrating and irritating, when severs were up and down all day, but nothing was heard from BT. Courtesy is a virtue they don't appear to value.

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Re: Logging on to my emails VIA the BT icon

Agree entirely with what you are saying regarding the non-existent caring or quality concept of BT,  I have written e-mail after e-mail, regarding SO MANY deficiencies  with BT, (the only thing they appear to get right is taking the money!) 


Many of my communications are without the decency of an afforded reply from BT, spoken "LIVE" with inane persons from another country I assume, (one of BT's bizarre anomalies which only exacerbates the existing anger and frustration, when you are addressed by a representative of BT as though you were at most "half-witted" !


With respect to BT Yahoo Mail or is it  BT Mail unsure as this is such a bizarre state of affairs with a migration longer than the contents of War & Peace. For MONTHS I attempted to make BT my Home page, but not much functioned, including the BT MAIL icon presumably to take you to login, designed to replace what Yahoo still does if you are lucky, The BT MAIL icon on their home page, in My Home on BT website, and BT Yahoo mail in the Apps of My Home, all offer the same messages: " The page cannot be displayed" this page and incumbent message has persisted for MONTHS and I have complained to many times to BT, but in most cases no reply. Attempting now to make BT my home page, I receive the message your operating system is NOT supported, odd as I use Windows 7 and Internet explorer 11, which cant be more common!


The whole protracted scenario is a disgrace and BT should be ashamed as a blue chip company. their attitude is likewise appalling, and the frustration and stress with the deficiencies not only with their e-mail servers and their respective and constant error messages and unsent/unreceived mail, to their constant ADSL service which at times is without doubt = unfit for purpose, and complaining produces NO resolve.  I left BT several years ago for exactly the problems described here, but then sadly my Vodafone at home ADSL/Phone service was discontinued, the Vodafone service was excellent with great customer support 24/7 free, and being a rural area dweller, offered me TWICE the bandwidth that BT have never managed to match;  but sadly I returned to BT to my great disappointment in their service.


They have to surely be rated as one of the most poorly managed IT service companies, totally devoid or oblivious to quality or a care concept to its users;  further adding insult by flashing survey screens on  "How well are we doing" on every BT webpage you select to find solutions to chronically persistent problems.



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