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Long-term overcharging

We have been with BT for years. We use BT's Boadband, Mobile, and TV & Entertainment packages. 

18 months ago, BT decided to incorrectly and randomly just cancel our two mobile packages and telephone numbers (no reason why, the payments were still going through). We raised formal complaints and requested that we receive our old mobile numbers back as we were using these for business and personal reasons.

BT said they would solve this for us (and grant us our old mobile numbers back within a few weeks), but 18 months later, you still have not done so. Eventually, BT sent us four SIM cards with four different numbers! We called BT and said we only need two, and to cancel the other two extra numbers. We even confirmed which of them we would like to keep. BT confirmed this was ok and that they would cancel the additional/extra two numbers which weren't needed.

I have just found out that BT NEVER cancelled the additional two SIM cards, and that we have been charged for FOUR (4) SIM cards and mobile packages for 18 months! I have called to make a formal complaint but the incredibly rude lady from BT says there is nothing she is willing to do and that the extra £527 we have been charged for two extra SIM cards that were NEVER requested, and BT NEVER cancelled them (which we requested) will not be refunded.

I cannot believe the bad service we have received from BT. We requested a cancellation (for something we NEVER ordered), and it was never cancelled by BT. Then you say you will not even refund it!

We will be switching to SKY or Vodaphone after this. We have been with BT since 2011 and it's unacceptable treatment and payments for something we never requested.

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Re: Long-term overcharging

It sounds like you've been through the mill but this is a public forum, your message does not go to BT.

Take a look at this link, hopefully that will help you get the problem resolved.

Please help the community to help you by including all relevant information, single word responses may be quick to type but they offer little value to this Community Forum and do not help its team of volunteer members to help you.
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Re: Long-term overcharging


I have asked the forum mods who are BT employees to see if they can help you get this sorted. They will post here

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Re: Long-term overcharging

Hi @carare, welcome to the forum and sorry you have charges for sims on your bill that you were not expecting and that when you called the lady was rude to you. Do you know if they closed your complaint or has your complaint been passed to a manager to review? 


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