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Losing a phone line and switching numbers.

We have two BT phone lines – one dedicated to broadband use and the other for calls only. This dates back many years to when we had just the one line for both calls and (dial up) internet. The problem was that whenever the phone rang, the internet connection dropped out, which would get extremely annoying. So I decided we would have a separate line installed for the internet.

 I’ve been blithely paying for two lines ever since, but haven’t things now improved to the point where it is possible to have calls and broadband sharing the same line without any problems? Is there any advantage to maintaining both lines nowadays? We have Unlimited BT Infinity 2.

 If we were to go with just the one line, would it be possible to have the one we use for calls ‘switched off’ and have its number transferred to the broadband line, removing the need to tell all and sundry our new number. Part of me wants to keep both lines, but dropping the one would save quite a bit of money.

 Thanks in advance for any opinions.

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Re: Losing a phone line and switching numbers.

It should be perfectly straightforward to do that, but this is BT you are talking about where nothing simple is straightforward.

Probably the simpler option would be to order broadband on the line with the number you wish to keep and cease the other line completely.

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Re: Losing a phone line and switching numbers.

Thanks for that. I know what you mean.

However I think I'm more inclined simply to attach a phone to the Broadband line, notify everyone of our new number and cease the other line. More work for us, but less involvement from BT (hopefully).

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