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Re: Losing my patience now

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I probably wont but I will only be paying £7.50 instead of the £20 I am paying at the minute.

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Re: BT make's Kafka's trial look only too real!

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My BT service stopped suddenly last Saturday, 5th November whilst I was sat at my laptop online. This affected both my broadband and landline. I immediately tried to call to get this logged and fixed. However, the phone service is truly abysmal.
Firstly no option to log both phone & broadband not working, you have to chose? Secondly you enter your phone number yet when you do finally (after over 20 minutes) get to speak to a call centre operator the first question they as is what is your number, this is both pointless and frustration - fine repeat back to check is correct but asking for second time after having had to input this is not customer centric. Thirdly, I was initially told would be fixed by the 10th November (though why it takes this long to get an engineer out is not explained nor acceptable).
I called the automatic system on Monday and it was confirmed that the problem was not in my house and would be fixed by the 10th. On Wed 9th I called again and was told by call centre staff that problem outside my house so did not need to be at home for engineer scheduled for the 10th. Yet on Wed evening got a text message saying engineer would call to my house on Friday 11th? Note text message had no number to call nor was I able to respond as set up in a way making it impossible to do so. I was not consulted about this timing/date and not convenient so I entered the **bleep** that is BT call centre and was told firstly the operational staff gone home (this was at 18.10) so they could not change my appointment (I thought BT was a 24/7 operation?) plus I am surprised that contact centre staff are unable to access appointments systems even if only to log a problem? I also was promised a call back the next morning and that they'd get me an appointment (as originally agreed for Thursday 10th).
I waited at home all day, I call several times, each time I had to repeat my entire saga (it seems you keep little no records of customer contacts on your systems) and each time I was assured I would get a call back with an update which never happened. Finally in total despair I called to cancel my account as I am paying for a service an not getting one nor could I seem to get anyone to fix it, and only then did I get a call centre operative in the UK who took some responsibility and tried to help. He even called back when he said he would (well on the first occasion anyway). Again I was promised a rescheduled appointment for Saturday/Sunday and a call back to confirm this on Friday either by noon or 4.30 pm (the latter time we both agreed). Friday morning came and went no call. Nor did I get a call at 4.30 pm as agreed. Then at 5.00 pm I got a call on my mobile from an engineer outside my house. He had not been told the appointment was cancelled as it was not convenient for me. However, luckily a friend who lives nearby and has my spare keys was home and went to my house. The engineer spent 2 hours trying to source the problem without success. (I got home while he was working on it).
He left without resolving the problem and as was off until the following Thursday unable to tell me when it might be fixed. I then had a text message telling me further work would be required. Again no contact to discuss when might be convenient? Luckily I was able to wait around on Saturday and luckily another engineer called me shortly after 9 am and then started work. Again unable to trace the problem and so set up a new line. By lunchtime I had my broadband back and initially my phone line. He then left. Not long after I tried to make a call on my landline and the crackle on the line made it impossible. Last evening my landline went dead. It is working again this morning, though still some crackle on the line?
Overall my experience as a customer has been dreadful, BT's telephone system is unusable and when you do eventually get through, the call agents though all apologetic have no power to do anything to actually assist, they merely log issues and promise to get back though in the main don't. This means the customer has to keep calling (which is expensive via a mobile). It is almost an an endurance test and one that has left me exhausted and totally disgusted. However, as well as this uncustomer friendly experience, I have not had a service for over a week and therefore expect compensation as this was a BT fault outside my property. BT have cut my service before - again without explanation. Frankly I am this close to finally cancelling my BT account though will have to steel myself to actually use the call centre to do so - another Kafkaesque nightmare to look forward to.
I am sending this suspecting I will not get a reply - needless to say am logging it for my next complaint on a more public facing website.
I tried to send this text in the BT email complaint section however, would not send kept asking me to enter my broadband telephone number – I have the same number for my telephone and broadband as a residential user – again another example of poor user testing and services not designed for the customer.
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Re: BT make's Kafka's trial look only too real!

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Hi Scoughlan,


Welcome to the forum. Reading you post I am sorry to hear that you have had such a tough time getting the fault on your line fixed. Reading what you have said it does sound like the problem is on the network side of things.


I would like to look into the details of the fault for you. Please could you send me in your details using the Link found in my profile?





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