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Losing the will!!! What do i have to do to get my line fixed!!!!

Moved to this house just over a year ago and it seems to be one thing after another with the line. Lost count of the amount of calls i`ve made to the faults department!

Latest carry on began when we returned home on wednesday 16th April after a few days away, the broadband light was orange and the phone line was crackling and had noise interference.
Called BT who arranged an engineer to come on Tuesday (22nd) he turned up and said as it was an intermiitent fault it could be hard to find. He went to check wires outside and said he would call me to check the line. However the next thing i knew was i got a text from BT saying my fault should be now fixed!
Within half an hour or that text coming through the internet went off again and the noise was still on the line.

Called BT AGAIN who said they would monitor the line for the next 24 - 48hrs.Another couple of hours later i thought so when is my line going to be fixed it they are just monitoring it ?? So i called again and I was told a "specialised" engineer was needed and a visit was booked for this morning, Friday 25th between 8am and 1pm.
So i waited in all morning for the engineer, stewing as each hour went past without anyone turning up. After 1pm i called BT again, the assistant contacted openreach control centre and called me back to say there had been a system error and the appointment hadnt been booked properly, I had recieved several text messages about the visit too!!!

Annoyed to say the least. I did blow my top - understandably ? She then went on to tell me that it had already been passed onto a case manager who would be calling me back tomorrow and discuss and rearrange an engineer appointment !! Why couldnt she go ahead and book it is my question ? Waiting another day means it will be another day later when the engineer visit is!
I work from home and need internet access, the last couple of days you'll be lucky if i have had 2hrs in the day when the internet has been on.

Why do i feel as if i`m fighting a losing battle ????????

Please can anyone help me.
It was only January/February when i had no phone or internet for a few weeks!


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Re: Losing the will!!! What do i have to do to get my line fixed!!!!

As you are on a residential service you have to wait for engineer availability priority is given to Business users as they get a different service level agreement also using a residential line for business use can leave you open for suspension or cancellation of service as it breach's the terms and conditions
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Re: Losing the will!!! What do i have to do to get my line fixed!!!!

I understand i need to wait, i waited till tuesday for the 1st engineer, then was supposed to have an engineer visit today !

Then BT tell me there was a system error so the appointment wasnt booked.

I now need to wait till tomorrow, to maybe be told when i will get an engineer to visit, why couldnt she just make the appointment there and then and tell me when the next available appointment is ??????

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