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Loss of In Emails on BT Mail

Since Monday I have lost all my In Emails to my BT Mail.   I also lost them on my mobile and my ipad.  BT got me to change my password.  This has made no difference to BT Mail or my ipad.  I am getting emails into my phone, but sometimes these also disappear.  I do have sent mail, trash and spam but not nothing in my inbox.  This has also ruined my Outlook account as although emails come in I cannot reply or produce new emails.  BT say it is my fault and have washed their hands of me.  Barbara

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Re: Loss of In Emails on BT Mail

Are the emails still on the BT servers when you log onto your BT email account via this link?

Is it Outlook that you are using on your phone and iPad?

There was a problem with the Outlook app and some people have found that a recent update has resolved the problem. Have you checked that Outlook is up to date.

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Re: Loss of In Emails on BT Mail

They are not on the BT Servers.  I am using GMail App on both phone and ipad.  I loss the emails on the day that an O2 engineer reset my phone because I am not seeing the correct provider.  O2 says this would not effect my receipt of emails.  I am receing them on my phone, but when I opened GMail on my ipad they disappear, and then they disappeared on my phone.  I reloaded on my phone 2 days ago and they are still there.  I have not opened the app on my Ipad.  They still do my appear on the BT Server.

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Re: Loss of In Emails on BT Mail

That sounds like the O2 engineer set the emails on your phone to download using POP, but didn't tick the box that says "leave message on server" which is absolutely vital. 

Likely that the others are set to download using IMAP which in effect mirrors what is on the server. So even if you have seen an email on your ipad, it would then be removed from the server when you viewed it on your phone, and the next time you link with your ipad it would update to match  what was there, and remove the email from the ipad inbox.

Get O2 out a techy friend to fix it, ideally by using IMAP. Or if you can find the setting in Gmail for your BT account and tick that box to leave message on server. Sorry I don't use Gmail for any other account than my Gmail one, so I can't walk you through this. 

To err is human, but to really mess it up requires a computer
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