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Loss of Speed?

Back before I got infinity 2 when I had a problem with my broadband you could just go into the homehub settings, look at the stats and post them on here. If the expert members saw that you were having major problems you would be refered to the mods and then onto a dedicated BT team who would get to the bottom of your problem.


I assume you can't do the same now because the infinity modem is locked, so what is the proceedure now, and why on earth is the modem locked?


My situation is that from the word go, I've had great numbers. In fact near max in upload and download. I had a fault on my line a while back and the speed dropped but everything when back to normal after a router reboot and the line was fixed. However for the past week my speed has dropped to 62m which is quite a drop.


My IP Line Profile is 76.6 down and 20.0 up.  I used to get as expected slightly less speed than my profile 74.8 and 18.71 or there abouts.


So... a couple of questions.


Would it be better to have a unlocked modem to get to the root of the problem and go through a process like I mentioned above or is Infinity dealt with differently?




I do like seeing all the stats so is the following modem ok and unlockable?


BT Openreach EchoLife HG612 Fibre optic Modem - FTTC VDSL (3B)

firmware version V100R001C01B028SP10


Thanks for your time.




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Re: Loss of Speed?

I seem to be having a similar problem.


The first few months of having BT Infinity 2 was great with reaching speeds of 8MB (bytes) download. However a month back, it was cut in half to 4MB. Now it hovers between the 4MB and 5MB. Not terrible enough to complain about the service, but it's still worrying that I'm no longer getting what I once was. Especially as I'm paying quite a lot for Infinity 2 and getting similar speeds to Inifinity 1.

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Re: Loss of Speed?

the MOdem is OPenreach property no BT retails and as Openreach has total control over the fibre network unlike ADSL ISP's cannot make any changes to the connection only Openreach they have therefore taken the decision to lock the modem and any problem with a connection will need an Openreach visit the modem can be hacked but that has to be your choice
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Re: Loss of Speed?

Thanks guys for the info... I think I'll play the waiting game with the whole DLM thing, however the last time my speed dropped it dropped even further and that was due to a fault on the line. Once repaired and the modem was reset it jumped back to max speed. 


It's a bit of a pain now I think, considering you can't see the relevent stats that would lead you to call out an engineer. Now it seems a little hit or miss. Is it DLM or is it a faulty/noisy line??  An expensive mistake if you get it wrong and call out an engineer.


I know Infinity is a new technology but I'm amazed at the fluctuations in speed that I see people talking about. I never had anything happen like this during my 2 years as a Standard Broadband customer.


Still its early days and to be honest I still a fast connection even after the drop, but having max speed is kind of like driving a Ferrari and then being downgraded to VW Golf  Smiley Very Happy



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Re: Loss of Speed?

DLM is the killer, yes its great to make your line stable and working, but by heck it is slow, cruel and needs reworking and fine tuning, and if the the connection is that bad for DLM to constantly kick in and out the it should be upto the network provider/owner to fix the the fault and not rely on DLM to use smoke and mirrors.


It seems some companies don't like to take irreproducibility and give what we have contracted to.


My 2p worth of ranting...Smiley Happy

What's slow about FTTC........DLM 😞
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Re: Loss of Speed?

I'm also curious about something that was mentioned to me a day or two ago. I appears (but I may be wrong) that BT are looking at offering self installs as well as OR installs, in the future.


I also see that the Broadband Checker now gives some interesting info, maybe as preparation for this. 


There appear now to be a two tier speed estimation it would seem


FTTC Range A (Clean) & FTTC Range B (Impacted) with the following explanation.





A rather strange thing to see come up in my mind, surely the aim is for BT to offer the best possible speed and not hinting that you could get less because of faults.


I'm not complaining and trying to ruffle feathers, I just thought it odd that they would include speed estimates for a possible faulty line. I may have read it wrong but I'd be interested in what you guys have to say on the matter.


As always thanks again for all the help you guys provide to all us non experts Smiley Happy



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Re: Loss of Speed?

I don't think it means there is a faulty line it means that your line could have joins or connections on it which other lines don't.

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