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Lost 10+ meg on connection speed?

hey, well just a few days ago i tested my connection speed via the popular speedtest website to see if everything was all in order, since i had been having some random disconnects recently, and indeed it was all fine (74meg down 20meg up) just today i checked again since it seems the random disconnects have sorted themselves out but im getting prompted back with 61meg down and 13ish up?


i also tested with steam where i use to get arround 8-9000kbs down and now im getting 5000-7000, is this just a temporary thing or are these my speeds for good now? since when i first signed up for infinity is was giving me 74 meg down and this was confirmed by the engineer that came round before christmas.


many thanks in advance.

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Re: Lost 10+ meg on connection speed?

Difficult to tell.  One possible reason is that you have some intermittent noise on your line.  This caused the disconnections, and after a bit DLM lowered your speed to compensate and give a stable connection.  If this is the case, your speed will remain lower until whatever is causing the noise stays around.  If the noise goes away, DLM will raise your speed again; probably a couple of weeks after the noise stops while DLM assures itself the line really is noise free.


Unfortunately, it it is intermittent an engineer visit might easily test the line but not see the noise.  If you have an unlocked modem you can monitor the line and verify whether this is the case.  I think you can get the line monitored from the BT end: I suspect rining service won't help too much and you'd be best off contacting the mods at: .  But be aware they take 3 working days to reply: sometimes more if busy. 



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Re: Lost 10+ meg on connection speed?

well the disconnects came back, and had no option but to call BT for a quick solution, after some tests that the operator carried out, she confirmed that indeed there is something wrong with my line and called for an engineer to come look at it.


Though , after some more reading on these forums, it seems alot of people are also experiencing cuts on their connection to what they were promised or had when the first signed up, hopefully i can get back the speeds that i got at the beginning, since BT claim one thing at the start only to gradually decline the number over time.


will keep you posted.


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Re: Lost 10+ meg on connection speed?



For what it is worth, I had my BT Infinity installed just before Christmas too, and I've lost about 10mbps since its initial install. I had 60mbps and now I have a stable 50mbps, I believe that the DLM adjusts down over the first few weeks or so to ensure a completely stable line.




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Re: Lost 10+ meg on connection speed?

Same here, I had my Infinity installed at the end of November it was working perfectly, 76mbs down 20mbs up, but ever since the 26th of Jan its dropped to an erratic 20/36mbs up and 10/13mbs down?!.

I don't understand what could of caused the suddenly loss, been trying to make the most of double xp on black ops this weekend... Didn't go down to well with the delay I had.
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