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Lost 10 meg over night

Hi, I hope there is someone who can give me a little advice.

Ive had Infinity for the last 14 months and all in all its been fine.


Ive had an IP Profile of about 62meg ever since the start.

Last week I had some issues with speeds dropping right down to 5 meg and fluctuating all over the place.They said they couldnt see a fault but would send an engineer round to check and I got the usual £129.99 chraging warning. After a couple of days it seemed to settle down so I cancelled the engineer for fear of being charged.

Last night my IP profile suddenly dropped to 50meg.

I spoke to BT and was informed that there is no fault and this must be due to more people being connected at the exchange, and because its not far off what they told me I'd get when I first got the product theres nothing they will do about it.

It just feels like Im being fobbed off.

Am I likely to get any real help with this or am I better off  just switching ISPs.

Hope you can help.


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Re: Lost 10 meg over night

Sounds like it could be an intermittent fault on your line which is why your IP profile has dropped. If this is the case then switching ISPs will not solve this

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Re: Lost 10 meg over night

Ive never seen my profile drop by more than 2 or 3 meg after drops outs and my up time reads over 3 months.Also my IP addy hasnt changed so Im pretty sure its not due to line stabilizing.

Interestingly the only thing thats changed is me opting out of BT FON the day before, although that may be just coincidence.



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