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Lost BT Sport after moving house

I recently moved house (200m distance - same postcode, same phone number, etc.) and endured a spectacular example by BT of how not to manage your customer, which featured broken promises, delays, contradictory messages, random connection & disconnection of service and much more besides.


I am now (finally) connected to a phone line and a Broadband service that tops out at just under 3Mbps but having had BT sport for the past 2 seasons on my sky box, I am now getting the message that I need to call my provider to "upgrade to this channel".


This is despite there being no change to my Sky box, viewing card, phone line, postcode or anything else that I'm aware of. Therefore I can only guess that BT have disconnected the service as part of the house move torture process. No mention was given of BT sport needing to be reactivated, so I'm frustrated about not having it, but also that I have to initiate something to reactivate an existing service.


I've paid for the HD version so am obviously keen to get at least some of what I'm paying for. I queued for over 30 minutes an online chat yesterday but ended up going round in circles with the completely clueless robot at the other end of the customer service "helpline".


An anyone offer any advice about what might have happened and how to get me reconnected?


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Re: Lost BT Sport after moving house

Hi Constantlyletdown,


I'll be able to help you get your BT Sport going again. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods"  found in my profile.





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