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Low IP Profile with high connection speed. Help!

I've now had three engineer visits from BT outreach. Had a change of cable feeding the property and still am suffering from the following slow speed according to the speedtester site.


Download speedachieved during the test was - 152 Kbps
 For your connection, the acceptable range of speedsis 50-250 Kbps.
 Additional Information:
 Your DSL Connection Rate :7747 Kbps(DOWN-STREAM), 1008 Kbps(UP-STREAM)
 IP Profile for your line is - 250 Kbps
The throughput of Best Efforts (BE) classes achieved during the test is - 18.58:25.42:56.0 (SBE:NBE:PBE)
These figures represent the ratio while sententiously passing Sub BE, Normal BE and Priority BE marked traffic.

This has been the case for the previous week. Prior to that my connection speed had dropped to just 500 kbps. I was told that my IP Profile would increase over the course of 72 hours but 1 week later it is still the same.


I've had a visit from an engineer this morning who has tested everything and confirms all is ok. She has even switched me across to a previous line I used to have for a business line I no longer use and still no difference.


It appears that my IP profile is stuck at 250 and refuses to budge. The engineer was on to the control centre who apparently have the ability to reset these things but they refuse to do anything about it as the line connections speed is fine. The engineer suggested I "get tough" with BT and demand a "lift and shift" to put me on new equipment in the exchange.


BT is my ISP and liandline provider but I feel totally unable to get hold of anyone who can sort this issue.


2 weeks ago my connection speed and IP profile were up at 7500 and 5500 respectively. How do I get this service back?





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Re: Low IP Profile with high connection speed. Help!

Lets see the router stats

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Re: Low IP Profile with high connection speed. Help!

Not sure which stats to sent but if these are not correct please let me know what to send.


DSL Connection 

Link Information
Uptime:0 days, 0:30:06
Modulation:G.992.5 annex A
Bandwidth (Up/Down) [kbps/kbps]:1,008 / 7,747
Data Transferred (Sent/Received) [MB/MB]:1.83 / 8.47
Output Power (Up/Down) [dBm]:12.5 / 0.0
Line Attenuation (Up/Down) [dB]:23.0 / 41.0
SN Margin (Up/Down) [dB]:6.5 / 6.5
Vendor ID (Local/Remote):TMMB / IFTN
Loss of Framing (Local/Remote):0 / 0
Loss of Signal (Local/Remote):42 / 0
Loss of Power (Local/Remote):0 / 0
Loss of Link (Remote):0
Error Seconds (Local/Remote):2,918 / 0
FEC Errors (Up/Down):0 / 79,344
CRC Errors (Up/Down):23 / 5
HEC Errors (Up/Down):14 / 4
Line Profile:Fast
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Re: Low IP Profile with high connection speed. Help!

Hi Andrew, Welcome to the Forums 🙂


There is something else which you can do - Email the Forum Mods at: They always sort problems out quickly and should be able to take care of this for you (Mention that you haven't had any luck with the call center).


I hope this helps 🙂


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Re: Low IP Profile with high connection speed. Help!

Thanks Chris,


Just composed an email and sent it off. I'll let you know if it works.



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