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Low upload, high latency, unstable connection.



So I've been having problems with my BT infinity 1 connection for the past ~5 weeks and was wondering if anyone could help.


A little backstory first:


I switched to BT Infinity around the 11th December 2015. Prior to this I had an FTTC connection through another ISP for about 6 months. Everything was fine. Download and Upload were more or less at the cap (38Mbps down, 10Mbps up). Ping was good. Stability was good. No problems for the entire 6 months I was with them.


Then switched to BT and everything seemed to go smoothly. For the first 2-3 weeks everything was perfect. Again download and upload was at the cap, ping was good. Stability was good. No problems.


Suddenly after the first 2-3 weeks with BT my connection went down for about 2-3 days. After the first day of being down constantly it seemed to begin to recover, coming back up momentarily only to go down again immediately.


Finally after 3 days of it being down, or going up and down constantly, it seemed to stabilise.


I ran some speed tests...etc and found that my download had dropped to 32Mbps, my upload had dropped to 1.5Mbps and my latency had increased by 20-25ms.


I checked the BT service status page and there were no problems reported in my area. I did all the usual things to try and diagnose a line fault. Plugged directly into the master socket. Performed a quiet line test...etc. Couldn't find anything wrong.


I assumed it was a temporary fault and that my line could recover eventually if I let the DLM do its job.


So I waited 3 weeks. Gradually over this period my ping returned to normal. My upload gradually improved also, going up to 6.5Mbps at one point. My download was still stuck at 32Mbps though.


It seemed like things were improving. Line seemed stable, rarely if ever going down. Then a few days ago the problems came back once again. Connection went down. Upload dropped back to 1.5Mbps. Ping increased by 10-15ms. Download remained the same.


It's at this point I should mention my next door neighbour has been having the exact same issues at the exact same times. Their internet went down for the same 2-3 days as mine did when the problems first started. Their speeds were similarly affected. When my internet went down a few days ago and my speeds dropped again, theirs went down also. Mine only went down momemtarily this particular time but theirs once again went down for a full 2 or so days.


So it seems to me like this is more or a local issue rather than something specific to my line. Is there anything else I can do to try and diagnose the problem? I have once again plugged into the master socket...etc, performed a quiet line test and it all seems fine.


Stats from my Homehub are posted below. Any help would be appreciated.





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Re: Low upload, high latency, unstable connection.

You can connect your router into the test socket to rule out your internal wiring (although if your neighbour is having the same problem unlikely to make a difference)

I'd suspect an engineer visit is required. Could be a junction box that is getting wet or some other joint that both of your lines come via that is compromised in some way.
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Re: Low upload, high latency, unstable connection.

Hi @Mephisto,


Welcome and thanks for posting. If you can try @Webbys test socket suggestion and let us know how it goes we can take it from there. 





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Re: Low upload, high latency, unstable connection.



Thanks for the replies. I have taken off the faceplate and connected the router to the test socket as you suggested. Ran some speed tests...etc and there doesn't appear to be any immediate change.


Stats from router via testsocket:



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