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MAC Addresses and IP address range

Hi, I'm brand new to BT Internet, just taking delivery of my shiny new BT Homehub 3 on Friday 4th Jan, and have managed to get most things set up again to my liking, apart from the MAC address lockout for wireless connections.

On my previous service, I was able to enhance the security of my home LAN by allowing only known, 'friendly' MAC addresses access via my wireless hub (that's in addition to WPA-PSK encryption). There appears to be no setting for this in the homehub. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or is it just not allowed?


Also, I have a couple of specific tools I use for work that require me to access IP addresses in the range through a VPN to the corporate LAN. With my previous setup, I could 'block out' those addresses on my LAN so that no other devices could use them . I see that the default range on the homehub starts at 65. What happens to the addresses before that?


Alan T.


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Re: MAC Addresses and IP address range

There is no MAC filtering option on the home hub 3.


You cannot actually block any IP adresses, but you can assign devices with their own static IP addresses  which are outside of the DHCP range.


You will probably have to change the default IP and DHCP range on the home hub, so it does not clash with your VPNs subnet.


You are quite free to use your own router if you wish.



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