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MORE problems

Just when is someone going admit there is a problem going on?????


My speeds are so erratic that I cannot rely on this lousy system.


This morning 3kbps, now 8Mb, lousy and unreliable.


Twice I have reported this fiasco this month. First time got shut down without a murmur from BT. This time still open from 29/03/2012, emailed the mods as well.


Registered for faster Infinity when availabe but first BT should concentrate on getting their existing network working correctly and efficiently and above all else, RELIABLY!


I have again had to stop trading through the lousy connection.

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Re: MORE problems

I have similar problems. There are various options I am actively pursuing:

1. Keep on reporting the fault and make sure it's left open/reopened.

2. Replace the HH3 with another router.

3. Replace the VDSL modem with another.

4. Move to another ISP.
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Re: MORE problems

Yes but why should you have to go to further expense if the equipment is faulty? Then again, is the equipment faulty? That is the whole dilemma.


If this is a BT equipment failure again then it would beg the question why so many people in different parts of the country are experiencing the same problems.


I see this as more a major equipment failure yet again. Infinity has been plagued with them since inception.


Plus the fact, systems are getting so much more complex, frankly the typical BT 'engineer' has no idea how to fix the problems.

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Re: MORE problems

To quote the OP:

"Just when is someone going admit there is a problem going on??".


In my opion there are 2 main reasons why an ISP will not admit there is a problem.

1)Before they can admit to a problem,they must first be able [skilled] enough to diagnose that problem,if indeed it excists.

2)Part of the problem is with the web[net],as millions of users and server sites are competing in a massive multimedia biased world to make money,the problem is that very few of them want to spend money on paying the salaries of highly skilled server engineers and IT staff.


Im a retired 75 years young electronics [microelectronics] engineer,maths and computer programmer,and frankly would not work for BT,as I dought they could afford me.LOL.

But the point is,unless companys start paying to get skills into this very complex world,when us old guys die they will not understand how it all works.


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