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MS Office 2013, 365.

:What are the minimum screen resolution for MS Office 365, 2013, on Windows 7, 8, operating systems.


BT imply 1080, pixels (across) in their help pages.

Microsoft say 1366 x766,


Microsoft say that the 1366 x 766 is required for "certain" applications, but it's almost impossible to find out which. There's a vague comment regarding graphics use in some applications.

It's also interesting to see that Microsoft recommend installing Silverlight when installing Office - BT Sport viewers please note! smileyindifferent:


Why do I ask this? You can now run and edit Office documents on the iPad, sharing documents through MS' version of Cloud storage. Home produced documents tend to be small, unless you embed pictures and videos into them, so it's another way of transferring files accross devices, without putting too much demand on the BT Broadband usage or, more importantly, the speed requirements. 


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Re: MS Office 2013, 365.

OK, so there's not much interest, and it's not a BT problem.

There's an article in BT Business Help pages implying that Office 365 will work on a 4:3 monitor which I use for a desktop PC, if you don't try attaching videos to Word, Excel or Powerpoint - but not many of us do.


Some files will not open on the ipad, e.g. excel files, and the newly released MS office suite (free) for ipad will help.Also at times there's a need to edit excel files, temporarily, e.g converting columns to graphs, hence the need for Office 365.




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