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MacOS and BT Cloud time CPU activity

This is probably on the wrong Board but never mind.

I have read the history of this topic and it has been running for years. I recently got high speed connection and I'm trying to use BT Cloud effecitively.

The BT Cloud application seems to be using around 100% of CPU time and achieveng nothing at high speed. Has anyone at BT actually read all the comments about this and is any action being taken? I assume that Moderators read these posts and someone should be able to provide me with an anwer to this perennial question. 2TB is only of use if you can access it and use your computer at the same time.

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Re: MacOS and BT Cloud time CPU activity

BT should surely be replying to the specific grouse about the ridiculously high CPU useage with BT Cloud. Does anyone at BT actually read this (free for BT) self help forum? 

They are quite shameless about this as it has been a problem for several YEARS to date.

Hello - is anyone there??

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