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Mail constantly rebuilding mailbox on Mac Mail, OS X Mojave..


I'm hoping someone can help me as I've been experiencing major email stability issues on my macbook.

I'm running Mac Mail in OS X Mojave, and noted a few months back that my mail inbox would clear of all messages, then re-download them all. It  seemed that the mailbox was Rebuilding, which as our broadband speed is slow took an age. I'm not sure why this started, but it seemed to settle down although it has fallen over again over the last few days. 

I'm now in the position that my inbox shows mail from 23rd April to present, and one email from June 23rd 2018. I get intermittent errors saying "can't connect to BT Internet", and when I type in the BT password sometimes the connection is established and sometimes it fails.

Webmail is slow. I've had to revert to using that as I'm working on several projects for clients, but intermittently cannot access the historical emails that support my work.

Mail also disappeared from my iPhone a few days back, but that seems stable now. 

I was wondering if this was a User issue on my Macbook, but setting up another user account and configuring mail on there, all of my mail did not download. I'd installed Outlook  for mail a few months back when I had my initial issues, but the inbox on there has cleared also, so I'm wondering if there may be some kind of issue with IMAP (even though my iPhone seems fine). Both devices (Macbook and iPhone) are setup with the same parameters - IMAP for incoming mail and SMTP for outgoing mail.

I've tried trashing the Mail envelope* files, and also tried to manually rebuild and re-index my mail, but neither seems to work.

I did notice at one point that the number draft messages were inflating hugely , but I think I've resolved that by changing the draft folder to my local machine. I'd not made any changes prior to this issue, so do not know why that occurred.

I'm losing a lot of time trying to work around this, so would appreciate any assistance with this if anyone has any ideas?

Many thanks and best regards,




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