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Major problem with infinity installation.

I am a new Bt infinity option 2 customer, arrangements were made weeks in advance for me to be connected on the 29 of october.


I ve received the modem and router on the 27th as planned however the engineer never showed up on the 29th nor did he bother to call to say he wouldn t come.

After calling BT several times I was told that something went wrong but the people I spoke to were unable to tell me exactly what happened, but that somebody from the right department would contact me at the latest by the 1st of november by 20:00 and that I was being Fast Tracked to speed things up.

However nobody called.


I then called bt again, after 20 minutes waiting for an answer and another 15 minutes wasted on details being passed on, the line went dead as I was waiting , yet again to speak to the right person,.


This is totally unacceptable really, not the way it is supposed to work according to BT advertising campaign.

I changed over to BT hoping to get a decent  service and mainly because of their BT infinity supposedly excellent for all purposes package.

Although the engineer never came to connect me BT still went ahead and connected me to their phone line, effectively killing my internet services with the previous provider.


In all my dealings with poor service from internet providers this has to be the absolute worst I ve experienced, things seem to have deteriorated a lot since I was last with BT.


I hope someone from here can sort it out quickly, I ll not be waiting with no internet for much longer.



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Re: Major problem with infinity installation.

Get an email sent to the mods. They will sort this out quickly for you. Include a link to this thread and your name and BT account number with your BT telephone number.  Send the email to

If my answer was helpful, please give me a star by clicking the star on the left hand side.

Thank you.
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Re: Major problem with infinity installation.

Thanks for that .

I hope that you re right.

Is tech support real this bad?
I was on the phone again trying to reach them and this time the line went dead after a 30 minutes wait, even before I got an answer.
I tried again but by the time I got through the department I need to speak to is closed.
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Re: Major problem with infinity installation.

Another no show from BT to install Infinity. Hopeless trying to get through to them, and they treat me with contempt, promising return calls that never happen. What is going on?



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Re: Major problem with infinity installation.

Hi Bob.


It has been sorted for me, eventually, I don t know exactly what went wrong in my case to cause the "no show" from the engineer.

However when he did get in touch with me things did improve drastically, he was very helpful . We fixed a time for an appointment and he installed the service promptly.


I ve now been using BT infinity for about a month and I m very impressed, I do hope it will remain this way.


I wish you good luck Bob, hopefully someone will get your service up and running very soon.



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Re: Major problem with infinity installation.

Hi bobsjones,


I'll be happy to lend a hand and get the install sorted out for you.


Could you drop me in an email please with your BT account and telephone number along with a link back to this thread.

Just send to the email address in my profile and mark FAO Craig please.



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Re: Major problem with infinity installation.

yet another no show


with the problem of engineers not turning up and no communication between bt and btwholesale or openreach which ever installs bt infinity

i would susggest logging this with ofcom

i have

it was a brief to the point phone call where ofcom took the details

the more people do this then ofcom will take alook

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