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Major problems with my Broadband.

Some of my family visited me for a few days recently and they had problems using my Broadband. Sometimes they couldn't use their smartphones at all and at other times they struggled.

I have two BT units*** here; they're approx 7cms in diameter and they show the strength of the signal. They show blue at the bottom when the signal is OK but orange when there are problems.

When my family were here, they were orange for most of the time and this is happening a lot of the time now.

Why am I having these problems? Is there anything I can do about it?


*** PS are they called Disks?

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Re: Major problems with my Broadband.


Have you tried rebooting the SmartHub and restarting the disks?

Do they use Apple devices by any chance? If so it's very important that they turn off the Private Address setting for your wifi in their devices?


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Re: Major problems with my Broadband.

Thanks for your comments, Tim. I've had a PM from one of the Moderators. It seems that might be an issue with how my broadband is setup so I've to send them info so that they can investigate it in more depth.

I'm sure that they'll resolve it and when they do I'll post details here.

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