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Massive Fibre speed drops?

So, BT should be getting me between 32-44 download on a good line, but at its best, it was stable at about 25. Which coming from 5mbps download was no problem for me. However. The last few weeks the internet has stabilized at around 12 download, which is not so good. But, tonight the speed has dropped all the way down to about 2 Mbps down and 170ms. Did a speed test on the wholesale speed test and it got 2.18 Mbps and it said my IP profile had a max at 10.7, What's up with that? It should be in the high twenties at the very least.


There's nothing on the network other than a few phones and my PC currently and none of them are doing anything to cause such a drop. Any ideas what might be up? 


Might be worth noting that the Homehub 5 has been losing connection a couple of times a week.


Got in touch with BT yesterday about the drop in speeds (from 25 to 12 download) and they said they've reset the connection and will monitor it. Never usually results in a fix so i'm not crossing my fingers.


Apologies if this is a bit of a messy post but I'm just getting everything written down that I can think of and any help will be greatly appreciated 


Many thanks


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Re: Massive Fibre speed drops?

Just checking back on previous posts and I think like then can you post stats from your router and also the btspeedtester diagnostic results

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Re: Massive Fibre speed drops?

What does BT Broadband Availability Checker estimate for your phone number? Post just the whole table and the line above it, blanking out your phone number. If it doesn't recognise your phone number, use the Address Checker, not the Postcode Checker.

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