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Massive Packet Loss

As you can see, there is a massive consistent amount of packet loss on the ISP's side of things. It's been like this for years. In fact, it's gotten worse. My broadband has been cutting out multiple times a day, for a few seconds to minutes everyday for the past few years and I believe this is why. It's especially bad whenever I'm playing games such as CS:GO and it completely ruins the game for me. I'm a very competitive gamer and there's nothing I can do about this. If I contact BT they'll probably not doing anything about it because I'm just one person in my neighbourhood who actually cares about this sort of thing. It'll also cost them money so I doubt they'll try to fix it. What should I do? Whenever I have engineer visits to my house, they say nothing is wrong, even though I can literally show them that something is wrong, but they seem to refuse to do anything about it. Thanks.

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Re: Massive Packet Loss

Anyone Know?

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Re: Massive Packet Loss


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Re: Massive Packet Loss

What app are you using to get this data?

That looks like packet loss whist pinging hop 3 - if it is, so  what?  You not talking to hop 3, you're routing though it.