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Massive lag spikes BT

Hi all, 

For at least 3 years my BT internet has been amazing, I play online games in my down time (league of legends) and in the past couple of months, whenever anyone watches netflix or youtube my ping spikes drastically. 

I have been in contact with BT a lot and they say that the download speed (40 mbps) and upload speed (10mbps) is good, and there is nothing wrong on their part. I have a latency of 117 which is very bad I believe. Nothing bar banning my family from using the internet is working and I am very frustrated since I pay around £140 a month for BT services. They will be sending out an engineer but having a look at similar posts on here, it is not looking good. 

One issue seems to be the incredibly high packet loss I get at IP address: Can anyone help? I am going insane 

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