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Master Junction box upgrade

In a house occupied by an elderly relative, the telephone line enters the property on the ground floor, in the hallway and is terminated with a small rectangular junction box. (this is exactly as it was when the line was put in to the property in the 1950s). In the 1970s a couple of extension wires were connected into this box but the box has never been upgraded to a 'plug in' type box. Is it correct that the responsibility for the line is with BT up to that box? If so will BT come out an fit an up to date 'plugin' master box free of charge?


I got the impression some years ago that it would be illegal for anyone other than BT to fit anything to a line up to and including that box. Can anyone confirm this?


There is no fault with the line but the broadband speed is very slow so I want to see if a new extension line can be fitted into a different room to help speed up the broadband but this could only be done once this issue of the master junction box is resolved.


If BT only can fit a master box AND if they will do this FOC, where do I go on this web site to request this service?

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Re: Master Junction box upgrade

Its Openreach that deal with that, via your Service Provider, but there is now a charge which comes under the

Engineer Home Improvement Service




If they are a BT Retail customer, then they can request that service via the normal BT contact number of 0800 800 150.


It used to be free when BT did the provision and maintenance, but that was a long time ago.

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Re: Master Junction box upgrade

This arrangement is known as "star wiring" and is no good for broadband.  The incoming line should go to one master socket, and all extensions should be connected to that socket.


Openreach's responsibility ends at the master socket, and that's probably the original socket.  Any wiring added afterwards isn't Openreach's responsibility.  If called out, then they might "fix" the line by disconnecting the extra extensions, but they might also class this as a home improvement, in which case, there's a £130 bill.

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