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Master box in terrible state

Just moved in to a new property and the master box is in a bad state of repair, I've seen how to rewire myself which doesn't seem hard and I could easily do but..... There's only about 2 inches coming out from the FLOOR and chopping the old stuff will not give me much to play with let alone be able to get it attached to a wall, do BT engineers do callouts and fix this kind of stuff still? I'm not a customer, I have talk talk BB and that's it. How much will this kind of thing be? And how much for a callout?. Cheers
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Re: Master box in terrible state

Welcome to this BT Retail forum.


Its Openreach that do that work, for all Service Providers apart from Virgin Media. You are not allowed to work on it yourself as it belongs to Openreach and you would be liable for any damage caused.


You need to contact your Service Provider (TalkTalk?), and as them to request a visit from Openreach to rewire your incoming line.

The charge should be about £130.


You could always read the TT forum to see what other people have bben charged.

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