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Re: Master socket and mains supply

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@SteveWest wrote:


Noooooo, nooo! I really don't want to turn my living room into a data centre!!


Au contraire given it's only one piece and not two and you can buy a 10 or 15m RJ11 cable it would hide very nicely behind a sofa or any other suitable piece of objet d'art


However if it's a case of "she who must be obeyed" eh? I know the feeling - Horace Rumpole and I share a lot in common!

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Re: Master socket and mains supply

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Well, the engineer arrived at 8:05 this morning. He looked a bit askance at the master socket, but was very helpful. He has moved the master to the extension in the living room, made up a 10m extension and put  the modem and hub on the windowsill by the computer, just like the old hub. Very much like several people on this forum suggested. Unfortunately, he had to disconnect all the other phone extensions that were supplied from the old master socket, but SWMBO has accepted that.


All is now complete and he's left. So far, it seems like it is a really successful conclusion!


[Edited to add]


Thanks to all in the forum who replied to my question.





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Re: Master socket and mains supply

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Hi Steve


That's great news Smiley Happy


And thank you for updating us all with the outcome.

The decision to go for it was a bit "touch and go" a few posts back.... lol.

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