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Master socket not working but extension socket does work

Hello BT community forum, Recently moved into a house which has an existing Bt master socket in the kitchen and an older socket with telecom on the front of it. The phone and broadband both work when plugged into the extension socket (the telecom socket) but when I plug the phone and broadband into the master socket ( including taking the face plate off to connect to the exchange) neither a dial tone or broadband work. I think the master socket has been bypassed and wired to the extension socket. So my question is will BT come and reconnect the master socket so it works correctly and will BT charge me? I expect they will make me pay, I feel hard done by as it was either the previous owner who bypassed the master socket or it was BT! Your advice on how to proceed would be appreciated Thank you
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Re: Master socket not working but extension socket does work

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another possibility is that the telecom socket is the master and original and the NTE5 is the extension and fitted by last owner.  no reason why you can't use an NTE5 as an extension socket


if that is the case which seems likely as telecom socket still works but NTE5 does not then you can check the cables in the NTE5 to mahke sure they are silod and not loose

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