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Material from old beta board

Hello all and welcome to the new forums.


I've had a good read of the new T&Cs especially the fascinating and very detailed section 6. I see we can't discuss illegal activities - that one could be interesting, depending how it is defined.

It might need clarifying a little. Smiley Wink in case it stops me linking to some of the older peripheral BT Value Added Services pages I keep an eye on.


 Discussion of illegal activities or providing links to other websites containing such information;


Secondly -

Is there a timetable for porting across some of the really useful material from the old beta forums? There doesn't seem to be very much visible so far and there was a lot of very useful stuff over there which I understood people were asking to be moved over. Particularly in the Broadband Anywhere forum where the peer user input was the major part of the forum and quite detailed.

Or has it been incorporated into the FAQs?

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Re: Material from old beta board

Thanks for the point about the old forum.  We have just added an announcement to provide the link to the old forums should anyone want to access the read only boards.  We have incorporated the feedback we received in the new FAQs and floated threads where appropriate.  We expect there to be plenty of additional information posted on the new boards in the coming days/weeks as these forums scale up. 

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