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Max 4K

Hi, I am on an old tv package, Max 4K, I am staying on that package, as I like channels on there, that I would loose on the new Now tv offering.  Could someone from BT answer this question, will BT eventually be pulling off channels from there, such as Eurosport etc, that they don’t offer anymore to new customers?  Many thanks.

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Re: Max 4K

Hi @Tezz 

I doubt very much that you'll get an official response on here as it's a customer to customer forum. However, if you look at the details of the Classic Entertainment Package here  you'll see that 6 channels will be removed from that by April next year. As that package is a current package and not a legacy package like Max 4K, I think that's a fairly clear indicator that the Classic package has a limited life and presumably the same will apply to the legacy packages.

BT will know the likely end date of legacy packages but customers won't be told until BT are ready to make that information public.

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Re: Max 4K

Looks like Sky History 2 is also going from 1st March as well, pretty sure that was in Max HD/4K.

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Re: Max 4K

Thanks for all your replies.

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