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Max HD Upgrade Mess

Posting this to hopefully help others out and also appealing for any help to get this fixed for me.

I'm on Fibre 1 at £28.35 and Max HD at £14.50 including discounts. Total price £42.85. Both contracts end 16th December 2020.

I called to renew and was offered Fibre 1 for £23.99 best price, but no discounts available on the new TV packages. To just take the Sport in HD it would be another £20 on top (£15 for "Sport" + £5 HD). Total price would be £43.99 which is more than I currently pay for significantly less content - so clearly not something I'm going to agree to.

I was then offered to renew on my existing terms for Max HD if I renewed the Fibre 1 at £23.99. So I agreed. The agreement was very clear; Fibre 1 at £23.99 and Max HD for £14.50 - both 24 month contracts subject to CPI+3.9% in March. Any changes to Max HD (price or content) could result in me cancelling without penalty. Total price £38.49. Side note: my full price for Max HD is £24.00 - I have received no price rise emails or otherwise, even though this does not match the existing BT price tariff list, regardless the agreement for Max HD was £14.50 per month.

However, after the order goes though I read the confirmation email and immediately phone back. There is no mention of the re-contract of Max HD (just Sport for free on a 1 month contract). My assumption is now that something has gone wrong and my Max HD will likely be billed at full price.

I spoke to an advisor called Adam who confirmed the order was indeed incorrect and put in a request to revert. He said BT weren't re-contracting Max HD - but no one seems willing to tell me when the content itself will end. He also said he would get the original sale advisor's manager to call me as I wasn't happy. He also confirmed no discounts available on the TV side of things.

So overnight I decided the Sport alone was no longer value for money at £20 so would just cancel TV totally if discounts weren't being offered.

I called back this afternoon and spoke to Dale who was new to BT but said his team would now take ownership of the revert and seemed to suggest the Max HD not mentioned on the new (incorrect) order would need to be put back - although I don't think it was ever removed in the first place... just not re-contracted. I also asked again for the original sale advisor's manager to call me. I highlighted that I want this all done ASAP as if I had known I would have already cancelled the TV completely if there are no deals to be done. I shouldn't be penalised as the 30 day notice period is already ticking. Apparently the revert needs to be done first - but it's not my fault BT sold me something they couldn't actually offer in the first place.

As of now... no calls back or anything. I'm totally stuck and in limbo.

I'm bored of the negotiation and misleading sales so I'm turning this around and will propose the options myself.

1) Fibre 1 at £23.99, Sport in HD at £15: £38.99 total (£5 off TV) - otherwise not interested

2) Fibre 1 at £23.99, Big Sport in HD, Plus Entertainment: £68.99 total (£10 off TV) - otherwise not interested

3) Just Fibre 1 at £23.99

My time is currently clocked at 3+ hours which I also expect goodwill for. And the problem still isn't resolved.

For completeness I have Now TV already for which I currently pay £20 for the Sky Sports + £3 HD.

BT's prices (for me at least) are not competitive.

BT half year financials note revenue is "down 8%, primarily due to the impact of Covid-19 including reduced BT Sport revenue and a reduction in business activity in our enterprise units, and declines in legacy products".

So... can someone with some actual time and authority give me a call to get this resolved (one way or another) please.

I also need to raise a complaint but haven't been able to get through. So can someone raise that for me as well.

Note that a 24 month contract with unknown future sports rights (Premier League [end of 2022 season] and Moto GP [end of 2021 season]) is not sensible.

A price increase in March instantly adds around £2-£4 to the bill and then again the following March! Hence, I need a sensible starting point over 24 months.

Also what's the point of flexible packages if discounts will be lost when switching or prices go up. It's lose lose for the consumer.

I just can't get my head around it. Am I wrong? Any other perspectives on this? Any other options?

Finally, for discussion... those on the Max HD pack... what was your choice? Mine is BT Sport at £20 alone is not good value so will just go without if need be - but first I need everything unpicked to what it was like 2 days ago. Fibre 1 is decent and reliable so I'm happy to continue with that at £23.99. Total waste of time and terrible experience.

If nothing else, thanks for listening!

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