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Max tv package & BT Sport

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Theres a thread over on the Youview section concerning the cost of the Max tv package and BT Sport with some mention of Sport continuing to be free for anyone currently on the Max package. Unfortunately there are conflicting answers there. A mod had promised to look into this and report back but thus far hasn't posted anything new.


My scenario is as follows:


I have an online offer for Max at £13.50 monthly on a 12 month contract. At present I receive Plus with HD Extra at a total price of £10 monthly (Plus for me is nearing the end of a 12 month contract and priced at £5 which I then added HD to at an extra £5 per month). I also have free BT Sport. This package would rise to £18.50 if I were to continue with it so its easy to see that Max (IF it contained free sport) would be a fab offer to take up.


So question is, will I be paying £3.50 monthly for BT Sport if I were to upgrade, or would it continue to be a free addon? A response from some of the Billing mods or anyone with expert knowledge would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Max tv package & BT Sport

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A response has come in from @NeilO and I've managed my upgrade.


I'm copying the post for anyone else who may be interested.


Hi Everyone,


I'm really sorry about the delay getting back to you all. I had to chase this up again this morning. If you are currently on or upgrade to the Entertainment Max BT TV plan you will continue to get the BT sports free of charge. I'm sorry about any confusion caused.




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