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McAfee Anti-Spam Toolbar Greyed Out

I've installed BT Net Protect Plus.  I run three email accounts through Outlook 2016.  In all three accounts, a McAfee Anti-Spam Toolbar has appeared which should enable me to mark emails as spam.  However, in my email account the anti-spam toolbar is greyed out and I cannot access the buttons which enable me to mark an email as spam.  It is an IMAP account and the other two accounts are exchange accounts.


I've tried blocking emails through the custom filter section of the McAfee software, but this makes no difference and the 'blocked' emails still arrive in my account.  I've also tried moving the offending emails into the inbox of one of the exchange accounts and marking them as spam in there but that doesn't work either.


Does anyone have a fix as it's driving me nuts?!




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