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McAfee Netprotect Plus and networking with non-McAfee systems

I have BT Netprotect Plus on my Win 7 64 Home Premium system. I have two other laptops on the same network - one ethernet cable connected and one wireless connected - both to a Home Hub 2. On the Win 7 system I cannot see the cable connected XP laptop in the Networking Center at all, no matter what I do. I can see the wireless connected XP laptop as a media device (and only as a media device). However I can access both machines from the Win 7 system running Netprotect if I go to Windows Explorer and type in \\networkname. I don't understand why I cannot see both XP machines in the Win 7 Network and Sharing Center. Needless to say all three machines have networking set on - obviously since I can access their resources if I explicitly type in their network names.


Now in the McAfee Home Network window I see both XP machines mentioned and their status is online. However when I click on either XP machine McAfee says "This PC does not have McAfee installed and is TRYING (my capitals) to connect to your network" - it then goes on to say I can install McAfee on that machine. Unfortunately this version of McAfee provides virtually no information on what it is really doing or why, so its almost impossible to diagnose any problem.


Does anyone know if Netprotect Plus is effectively telling me that I can only use McAfee (in the Netprotect version at least) properly if I have it installed on all my machines - I don't really want to do this because of the overhead on the less powerful XP systems which run Microsoft Security Essential.

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