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Re: McAfee WebAdvisor

If net protect works on your PC, then all well and good.
I once had the full mcafee on a desktop and it struggled with windows XP and insufficient ram.
The old site adviser was reliable, but sometimes failed after updates, and was usually fixed by a reinstall.
Probably better on the newer version. Forget the power consumption - perhaps a few 10s of watts for a few minutes. Perhaps someone was referring to processor power, I.e. capacity.
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Re: McAfee WebAdvisor

Quote _dreamer_
"Are you using internet explorer, if so click where indicated, scroll down to Mcafee Web advisor and  you can change the setting to a site you trust".

Ah I see, It works elsewhere, like front page of BT but not on this forum page.


Still can't get to grips with the quote mechanism.


Ribblelancs, thanks I didn't think it would be much.

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Re: McAfee WebAdvisor

to quote just click on the reply button when the reply box opens you will see the quote button on the right hand side of the box
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