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McAfee security

Having recently upgraded to Broadband option 2, I decided to take advantage of the free download of the McAfee software.It seemed to be impressive enough,but sadly after 6 days useage,a Trojan found it`s way on to my PC.What the trojan did was to shut down Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox after about ten minutes.I was able to log back on again almost right away,but no good if you were in the middle of a download.Nothing else on my PC was affected,even Chrome and Safari browsers.McAfee was unable to remove the virus,so I got it removed myself.I was previously using the free Comodo Anti virus/firewall security.In nearly six years of use,not a single virus of any kind got through.I have taken the McAfee of my sytem and reinstalled Comodo.Anybody else have any probs with McAfee? Kenny

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Re: McAfee security

No AV is 100% effective against all attacks all the time, and I'm not aware of any reports that McAfee is notably worse than others in this respect. You can find recommendations for and against most AVs.


However, there have been many operational complaints about McAfee, as a forum search for NetProtect will reveal. Many advise to steer clear as there are plenty of equally effective free programs available. More here: BT Forum AV Advice.


PS. Did you run the McAfee removal tool? It has been moved to

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